Who we want to help–YOU.

How come you can’t do it?
Are you not talented enough?
Is your horse not fancy enough?
Is there no good instructor near you?

Forget all that.  Talent is overrated.  Dressage is about focus, and fitness and intent, but it is not rocket science.   Truth: Many folks probably not as smart as you do it well.  The training has been working reliably for centuries.  It’s all there, but you do need a plan, and a method that takes into account limited time and finances, an imperfect body, and an average horse.

(Someday you’ll probably have a better horse.  So what?  And just who has all the time in the world, too much money, a perfect body, and the best horse in the world?  Tip: If they do, it will probably eventually go lame; cellulite and divorces happen; and there is never too much money–nor really too little. Start with what you’ve got.)

It’s a great sport.  Why all the sour faces?  How come even the ones that seem good at it don’t look happy?

If you feel frustrated with your riding, then read on.  There are things you can do to make every aspect of your life in the saddle more productive.
Some of the changes are small, tips to make organizing your riding life easier.  Some of them are rather larger: how to pick a trainer, when to clinic, when not to. Find out if your equine partner is suitable for the task.
Need help on how to handle a difficult transition?  We’ve been there.
Clarify your goals.  What is the difference between a competition goal and a personal one?  (Go to our checklist and find out.)

With our simple Problem/Solution format, you can look through our list of tips and articles and links to make your work easier and more rewarding.
Got a problem?  Let us know and we’ll spill all.