Our Team of Experts: Dale Forbes (Bormann)



Dale Forbes (Bormann): Fifty years in the saddle, fifty-four years in the barn. Student of many, but mostly Rudolf Zeilinger. Graduate A Pony Club, Asmis Scholarship winner. International competitor (trials for 1996 Olympic games and 1997 World Cup), USDF Gold medal for Grand Prix and Intermediare.  Accredited equine massage therapist, brown belt Aikido enthusiast, published author, winner of the Phyllis Freeman Good Seat Award, and coach of last year’s winner of the same, Melynnda Thiessen. Produced the only two students accepted into the Learner Judges program in 2009, Kim Barker and Sally Sovey.  Locally the highest scoring dressage rider at Grand Prix level, with scores earned in competition with Robert Dover, Steffan Peters, Carol Lavell, and a host of others on the international circuit.

And all that out of Spokane Washington, doggedly teaching and honestly training–without a fancy accent!  (Well, maybe not, the “west of Boston” probably still creeps through.  Sounds Canadian.  One never entirely escapes ones past. . . )

Contact: forbzilla at aol dot com  (Humans only please).


One learns to ride by riding–or sweeping.