The perfect bike for you.

Baffled by your horse decisions?

Buy a bike.

Take your pick.  They are a fraction of the price of a horse.  And fun to ride too.



“Planet-X full carbon fiber triathlon, TT bike, with 50mm carbon tubular wheels. This bike was custom built by a certified bike builder, using the some of the best and lightest components on the market. This bike weighs out at 16.13lbs and is very aerodynamic. Comparable stock bikes would run around $3500-$4000 without the carbon wheelset. This bike has never been wrecked and is in excellent shape, used for one year of training/racing. Feel free to email, text or call Rick with any questions at 509-xxx-xxxx”


$350 “Fixie bicycle for sale. Wheels were $350 by themselves. Get the whole bike for 350$. Will trade for marine stereo equipment, amps, subs, speakers, deck, etc. …call or text 406-xxx-xxx five
Thanks” (This bike has no gears and no brakes.)



Jeff Jones space frame steel: $3,500  This bike has 27 gears (you can climb a tree with it) disk brakes and a fat front tire.


Three different options:

Buy the Carbon bike at the top at $2,300, and have the bars too low, and seat too high and it will hurt your back and your crotch. Perfect for a 28-year-old triathelete.  Will you love riding it? (Maybe.)

Buy the “Fixie” at $350 Live at the bottom of the hill and you will neither get up (no gears) nor safely down (no brakes)  Okay for a bike messenger in New York.  Will you love riding it? (Maybe.)

Buy the Jones at $3,500 and try to jump those hurdles without years of practice?  Hope for a parachute in the bag!  Will you love riding it?  (Maybe.)

The love riding it part depends on who you are, where you live and what you want.

But if you do not love riding it, the bike will sit in the garage gathering dust and you will get no fitter or have no fun with it.

Back to dressage:  if you have a horse who you do not love to ride, or are frightened of, you will not ride it.  So, get rid of it and get one you like to be with.

If you dream of breeding and raising one–akin to having a custom frame made for you at six times the cost of “used stock”–make sure you have ridden stock related to your dream horse, and then go about having it made.

(If you decide on this route, please take into account that “making a horse” is not a Craigslist sort of a deal–in fact, if not very lucky and carefully managed,  you are much more likely to be passing the project on in similar venue than grinning like the happy gambler.)

Why do so many people think they want the expensive Olympic model that is not comfortable, safe or fun? My guess?  Being in the optimistic future is sometimes more fun than facing reality–and as noted at the base of this other post–also human nature.

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