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Dale Forbes

Photo: A number of years ago, my good friend Sally Sovey and I, at a World Cup qualifier.  (She was foolish enough to sign on as my groom.)   As you might imagine, there was a good deal of scrubbing involved.

Well after that, we had too much wine one night and thereupon decided to promote a new product: Wooly Washers–which are great, by the way, but that’s not what I am here to talk about. (My editor Joanie is going to just LOVE that sentence. . . every punctuation problem you can imagine. Knock yourself out! ) [Note from Joanie: Thank you. I have done so.]

But anyway, I am here to redirect you to an article I wrote a number of years ago about tack cleaning, which, though not rocket science,


some of you may be interested in:

Go Visit:



The object that looks like a dead cat toy above is actually a Wild Wooly Washer (felted saddle soap), which we invented and still sell.  When used enough, these items cause visitors to declare, “Ewwwwwww!” on spotting them in the bottom of your tack box.

I have never understood this sort of person.  Dead mice phobia.  We hang out in barns. A dead mouse is rather a good thing. Okay, maybe not in the tack box.  But anyway, the “Ewwwwwers” are probably  the same folks who find the trail of “poo over ice” that we do up here in the north to get to the indoors in two pieces–one horse, one would-be rider–gross.  I’ll get you a photo later.  It is impressive.

And while we are at it, here is a tack cleaning item you should not be without.  You literally can’t get it anywhere else outside of Germany, so prick your ears:


Fabulous for places that tend to get wet–like cheek pieces.  You can get it here:


More generally, this small tack shop has all the good stuff.  Why?  Because they listened to what we wanted and went to the ends of the earth to get stock.  They are great.   http://www.foxyhorseandhound.com/index.php

On the page after the one you are directed to above, there is also some information on how to break in tack and adjust a double bridle.  I’ll give that info in another post.  Many people don’t know how to do it. Enjoy the ride!


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