How it all works at Dressage Snob.

Dressage should be fun. Not casual, not sloppy, but in the end joyful, “even” at the upper level.

(“Especially” at the upper level–that is the best ride in the world!)

Mission statement: while we love sports and movement of all kinds, particularly Dressage, we think learning it is often done in a nonsensical fashion.  So for your amusement and possibly interest, we offer you the following rather longish list of tips, tools of the trade, tirades, and teachings.  None of this should be taken with any seriousness at all.  The sport has too much of that already.



This is a picture of the wonderful Hannoverian gelding, Galoni, the third horse I rode with Rudolf Zeilinger.  Rudolf found him for me as a five-year-old and I did my first Grand Prix on him in Florida five years later in 1996.  He was not an average horse–but I guarantee you I kissed a lot of toads before that ride.

Disclaimer: Beware: horses are large beasts related to rhinoceroses.  They can seriously injure, maim, cause to decease or go bankrupt, you, your loved ones, companions, friends and possibly acquaintances. Even allowing them stare at you across a five-strand barbed wire fence is questionable. They are risky.  The people that purport to know them can also be risky. Make contact with caution.  Use your own sense–common and otherwise.

Our qualifications? Having made it to “the top” of our particular anthills, we can safely look down and say. . . .

Why the heck did we do THAT?  And why did it take so long?

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